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Sabaa Flower Surveying prides itself on its ability to deftly handle all work requests, both large and small.

Sabaa Flower Surveying prides itself on its ability to deftly handle all work requests, both large and small; we look forward the best. Sabaa Flower Surveying strives to build solid relationships with clients. Our clients are so satisfied that they wouldn't hesitate to have Sabaa Flower Company perform work for them again on future projects.


Topographic mapping surveys are carried out to document existing project site condition for various purposes such as urban and regional planning, project design, road and utilities roat design, site preparation and grading, quantity and volume calculations. Topographic survey typically depicts the configuration of the ground surface details in addition to the site plan metric details. Ground surface details are then represented on topographic maps of various sizes, scales and formats depending on the intended use of the Topographic data collection can be achieved using traditional survey total station systems or satellite based positioning systems. The amount of details accuracy, site conditions, and project schedule constrains often determine the type of survey systems used. Both techniques (GNSS RTK or Conventional Total Stations) almost provide identical output and therefore can be used interchangeably. At Sabaa Surveys we realize and fully understand the importance of topographic data we deliver to our clients which is a vital input data into the project design and planning phases. High quality topographic data in terms of accuracy and completeness is guaranteed via faultless and well defined process of clearly identifying project objectives, professionally supervised field survey and mapping procedures, and more importantly, well established quality control and assurance processes throughout the entire project. All our deliverables are painstakingly tested and checked in accordance with highest professional standards. 140 160 180 200 220 Grid East 280 Sabaa Surveys has completed numerous topographic mapping projects for various types of engineering and planning purposes. Our list of featured projects shows some sam-ples of our previous works of topographic mapping.


Construction Layout and Staking Survey are car-ried and flac the location (position) and elevation of construction elements on the ground based on approved IFC design plans and relative project coordinate system. Such elements include but not limited to foundation, axis lines concrete slabs, road horizontal and vertical alignments, manholes pipelines, culvert street furniture, or any other design structure Construction Layout and Staking Surveys can be carried out using conventional survey equipment (theodolites, total station, and levels) or Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS system either combined or interchangeably. Various levels of accuracies can be specified and achieved depending on the type and significance of the construction feature. Based on the specified accuracy and site conditions, our specialist project team will select the type of field survey systems that will deliver the required accuracy.


Most planning and engineering agencies are faced with difficulties concerning underground utility line networks with no existing and accurate as-built maps. As-built maps are rarely available and when available, they are hard to gather from various sources, inaccurate and often based on the design plans not the actual as-built conditions This could result in considerable project delays, costly accidents, infrastructure damage, service disruption, and increased unforeseen costs. Urban Surveys employs different types and combinations of state of the art technologi in the detection and mapping of undergroun utility lines of various material types and depth with an unprecedented accuracy and high degr of certainty and reliability Underground utility maps can be delivered seperately or overlaid on ground surface detail and topographic maps in many industry standard formats.


Highly detailed and congested sites are hard to survey using conventional survey techniques due to limited access, space and for other safety concerns. We have employed the relatively new 3D laser scanning technology in similar project and produced excellent highly detailed 2D and 3D survey result. 3D laser scanning technology has many advantages over conventional survey techniques. The surveyed site objects are remotely sensed using laser beam. Project site can be measured from various standing point without need for direct contact or occupation of the measured objects. This type of survey is excellent for survey of \congested roadways; there is no need for full or partial road closing to obtain the required survey measurements. The resultant deliverables are highly detailed 3D replica model depicting the exact geographic position, dimensions, and actual surface color of the scanned object or surface in vir-tual space. Two and three dimensional as-built plans can be generated from the 3D model for any top, side view, or cross section which can be used for any other engineering design application on any industry standard CADD application.


IF you have _ large piece of land track andd would like to subdivide it into residential, commercial or industrial lots we have accumulated years of experience and excellence in the development land subdivision according to highest standards. Our expert team will develop the best subdivision design that will enhance quality of life for future occupants, promote environmental sustainability, innovatively integrated with adjacent local communities, and more importantly maximize the value of your investment.