Manpower Supply

One of our most prominent services is the assignment of professional and technical survey staff with specialized knowledge, skills, and, practical experience.

Tailing works

Tailing work has been the core active of SFLC. with superb workmanship using tiles, \marbles, granite, stone as well as ceramic. Our solid reputation has been built on professionalism, quality, attention to detail and the fact that all work is personally over-seen. We are totally focused on delivering first class work on every project. Our tiling works produce fine flooring and wall tiling finishes.

False Ceiling Systems

At SFLC., creative thinking is a culture that is fostered and promotes at every level of operations. Our specialty ceiling portfolio is one of the most extensive. We offer an extensive portfolio of suspended ceilings not just for residential locations but for commercial and industrial applications.

Pipe fittings

A fitting is used in pipe systems, to connect straight pipe or tubing to adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes, such as regulating or etc.

Manpower supply (from Sudan and Asia)

- Rigger 1 + 2 + 3 Aramco certified. - Aramco work permits receiver. - Safety officer - Safety supervision - Safety supervision - Crane operator Aramco certified. - Heavy equipment operator Aramco certified. - All kinds of equipment rentals. - All kind of equipment operators. - TUV and SAG license. - Civil engineers. - Civil engineers. - Mechanical engineers. - Civil forman - Surveyor - Accountant - Sudani labour - Asian labour - Steel fixer - Steel fixer - Carpenter - Mason - Welder - Painter